The Calibration Services Company You Can Count On

Since 1994, IN-CAL has delivered the highest level of calibration service for a diverse group of customers nationwide, including:

Machine Tooling


Printed Circuit Board

We have been successful because we have a thorough knowledge of the quality assurance standards that are required for a variety of testing and measuring equipment types.

IN-CAL technicians have over 100 years of combined experience and are highly skilled in the calibration of equipment used in the areas of medicine, manufacturing, and more. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our technicians are kept up to date on current technology and utilize state-of-the-art equipment.

Additionally, we have come to be known as a leading NIST-traceable calibration services company for our:

ISO and ANSI/NVDL Accreditations
24-Hour Emergency Calibration Service
Flexibility Servicing Customers Onsite & in Our Environmentally Controlled Lab

With a reputation built on service, dependability, and professionalism, our team offers:

Aerospace Calibration

Our technicians are skilled in providing calibration services for pressure and float switches for military aircraft applications, flow calibrations for liquid and gas, pressure/vacuum calibrations, and much more.

Biomedical Calibration

We perform calibration and repair services for test equipment, such as electrical safety analyzers, defibrillator analyzers, or any other biomedical test equipment calibration.

Industrial Calibration

We have the capability to provide calibration for instruments or equipment where temperature profiling is necessary, such as with ovens, furnaces, coolers, and incubators.

Machine Tool Calibration

We can provide calibration services on digital handheld gage instruments, bore/hole gauges, micrometers, and laminated presses, to name a few.

Pharmaceutical Calibration

We employ performance qualification, operational qualification, and installation qualification protocols to ensure your equipment meets the requirements for environmental conditions and data collection during manufacturing.

Medical Calibration

Our technicians have specialized training to provide medical device calibration for equipment that requires precision, such as those used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, including medical scale calibration.

Printed Circuit Board calibration

We have the in-house capabilities to perform calibration on PC boards to ensure the accurate measurement of the response of electrical signals applied to the connectors for a wide range of instruments and equipment.

Regardless of the type of calibration, you require, from medical equipment to machine tooling, we want you to choose IN-CAL for the highest quality services in the industry.