Your Source for Dimensional Calibration Services

IN-CAL is your source for all of your dimensional calibration needs and repair requirements. Whether it's a one-time dimensional calibration of your equipment or an ongoing, annual dimensional calibration service agreement, we are the technicians you can depend on.

We want companies to think of us first when their equipment is in need of having dimensional calibrations. We provide calibration services for a wide variety of equipment from all manufacturers, such as:

  • 1-2-3 and 4-5-6 Blocks
  • Angle Blocks
  • Bore Gages
  • Calipers
  • Feeler Gages
  • Gage Blocks
  • Graduated Cylinders
  • Height Gages
  • Indicators
  • Levels
  • Micrometers
  • Microscopes
  • Optical Comparators
  • Parallels
  • Pin Gages
  • Plug Gages
  • Protractors
  • Ring Gages (Plain and Thread)
  • Squares
  • Taper Gages (ISO 594 Figures, etc.)
  • Thread-Measuring Wires
  • And Many More

At IN-CAL, we work hard to ensure that our technicians are employing the latest technology and dimensional calibration procedures, and are also knowledgeable about applying the qualification standards specific to your industry.

Dimensional Measurement and Lab Calibration

Since 1994, we have delivered a high level of customer service to a range of industries, and we are ready to help you when you need:

  • Dimensional calibrations and repairs utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, either onsite or in-house in our environmentally-controlled calibration laboratory
  • Dimensional calibrations for your linear measurement instruments to ensure accurate interpretations of the readout
  • Advice about the dimensional calibration and inspection processes so you can choose the best equipment and methods to assist in controlling costs and purchase of additional equipment
  • Expertise that allows you to institute procedures for your staff based on your testing needs

Companies rely on IN-CAL not only because we respond to their needs quickly and efficiently, but also because we keep an open line of communication with them during and after the dimensional calibration service.

To keep our customers better apprised of the progress of their dimensional calibration, we have implemented InfoCal, an online calibration management system that helps customers view and manage their calibration certifications and equipment.

Overall, our goal is to consistently provide the highest level of quality for our customers. We promise to take the extra step so that you know you are receiving the best technical knowledge, service, and equipment available in the industry.