Equipment Calibration Services

From temperature controllers to pressure gauges and power supplies, IN-CAL is the company you can trust whenever you need equipment calibration services.

Since 1994, we have successfully served industries nationwide, delivering superior precision instrument calibration services that keep equipment performing reliably and accurately. Some of the equipment we calibrate includes:

  • Centrifuges
  • EFDs
  • Injection Mold Machines
  • Lab Presses
  • Laminating Presses
  • Mold Presses
  • Test Stands
  • And Many More

It is crucial to have your equipment properly calibrated for several reasons, including:

Calibration confirms that your equipment will reliably produce results, which meet or exceed your performance criteria
Maintaining a consistent schedule of equipment calibration will eliminate or reduce variations in your manufacturing process
Your company will minimize costs and risks that could result from using equipment that has not undergone calibration

Specialized Test Equipment Calibration

There are several key advantages as to why companies choose us for their equipment calibration:

  • We offer onsite service or in-house service at our environmentally controlled facility
  • We provide 24-hour assistance, with pickup and delivery service available
  • We maintain ISO certifications, NIST traceability, and other quality-related standards for all equipment calibrations to ensure compliance

Our calibration technicians have specialized training and utilize state-of-art equipment. Depending upon the needs of your company, whether you have test instruments or large manufacturing equipment, you can rest assured that our technicians will employ industry-best practices during the calibration service, enabling you to stay in compliance with any regulatory agency governing your industry.

We want to save you time, expenses, and unnecessary worry when it comes to your equipment calibration.

Customers from the aerospace to medical industries have several calibration companies to choose from for their equipment. Being with us means you can be confident that our expertise will be applied to every equipment calibration we perform, and we will deliver an unmatched level of customer service.